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Leesville High School

Alumni Association 

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We are proud to welcome new members who have joined since the previous newsletter was published.


Century Club

Dr. Bob Cutlip, Class of 1966

Bill Lawson, Class of 1978


Lifetime Members

John Kreyenbuhl, Class of 1991

Dechelle Hunt Kreyenbuhl, 1991


Class of 2018 Lifetime

Carhee, Chelsea

Chancy, Shardae

DeBray, Richard

Dillon, Baylor

Joiner, Kobe

Kerlin, Clayton

Koonce, Alexis

Kuzmik, Brenden

Liptcomb , Kyanna

Matuu, Sabien

Richardson, Jessica

Richardson, Koby

Segura, Thad

Semien, Chasse

Shapkoff, Noah

Thomas, Cody

Watson, Katelyn

Watson, Rahkeim

Williams, Casey

The LHS Alumni Association is the reason we have such a fantastic homecoming weekend. By supporting your alumni association you are giving back to LHS through scholarships and donations made to the school.

Membership prices and dues are as follows: 

Yearly dues are $5.00 a year

Lifetime memberships are $50.00

Century Club memberships are $100.00

We can offer a payment plan to become a lifetime or Century Club member.


The LHS Alumni Association has a membership available called Alumni by Choice. This membership is open to spouses of an LHS alumni for a onetime payment of $25.00

To join the alumni association, please mail us check, cash, or money order to LHS Alumni Association, PO Box 1381, Leesville, LA 71496-1381 along with the following:

Name, Current Address, Email, & Class Year

If you would like to pay your dues online, please scroll to the bottom of this page, choose your desired membership, fill out your Name and Class Year, and click the "Buy Now" button to proceed to check out using PayPal.

We have records of all dues paid since the association was formed in 1969. If you wish to know how much you have paid in dues, send a self-addressed stamped envelope or e-mail us at